Stacey Weitzman: The Woman Behind Henry Winkler’s Success

The character of “The Fonz” in the popular television series “Happy Days” helped make Henry Winkler a well-known American actor, comedian, and director. But behind every successful guy comes a strong woman, and Stacey Weitzman is that woman for Henry Winkler. The lives and love of Henry Winkler and his wife Stacey Weitzman will be discussed in this article.

Henry Winkler & Wife Stacey Weitzman On Whether His ‘Barry’ Character Is The Real Him

Stacey Weitzman Age, Net Worth, Height, Wiki & Biography

NameStacey Weitzman
Birth Date15 November 1947
BirthplaceNew York City United States
Age75 year old
Net Worth$1.5 million
Height5 feet 2 inches
SpouseHenry Winkler (m. 1978), 
Howard Weitzman (m. 1969–1976)
ChildrenMax Winkler, Zoe Winkler
Stacey Weitzman Age, Net Worth, Height, Wiki & Biography

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Early Life of Stacey

Stacey was born in New York City in 1947. While her father Samuel was a well-known real estate entrepreneur, her mother Sarah was a stay-at-home mother. Stacey was reared in a prosperous household, attended exclusive schools in New York City, and spent her summers in the Hamptons.

After graduating from high school, Stacey enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she double majored in history and art history. She afterward worked as a freelance writer and art consultant.

Henry Winkler and Stacey Love Story

On a blind date in 1976, Stacey and Henry Winkler connected. Stacey was a prominent art consultant at the time, and Henry was already a well-known actor. They started dating right away after hitting it off.

Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman Love Story

Henry proposed to Stacey on a beach in Hawaii after two years of dating. On May 5, 1978, they exchanged vows and have been partners ever since.

Max, a son, and Zoe, a girl, are Henry and Stacey’s joint offspring. In addition, they have two stepchildren from Henry’s first union.

Stacey as a Support System

Henry Winkler’s success is greatly owed to Stacey. Throughout their marriage, she has been a consistent source of support for him, guiding him through the ups and downs of the entertainment business.

Henry declared in a People interview that “she has been the love of my life, the mother of my children, and the wind beneath my wings.”

The Challenges Faced by Henry Winkler and Stacey

Henry Winkler has been frank about his dyslexia issues. In his 30s, he received a learning impairment diagnosis, and since then, he has worked to raise awareness of dyslexia.

Challenges Faced by Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman

When Stacey was told she had breast cancer in 1991, she also had to deal with her own difficulties. She had chemotherapy and surgery, and she has been cancer-free for more than 30 years.

Despite these difficulties, Henry and Stacey have consistently been there for one another. Throughout the entirety of their marriage, they have been a reliable, loving, and committed couple.

Stacey Weitzman’s Philanthropic Work

Stacey has dedicated her life to helping others and has been active in a number of nonprofits. She is a founding member of the Rape Foundation, a group that offers assistance to sexual assault survivors, and she has long supported the Alliance for Children’s Rights, a group that represents children in foster care.

Stacey Weitzman’s Hobbies and Interests

Stacey enjoys creating art and has extensive experience serving clients as an art consultant. She enjoys traveling as well, and she has visited many different countries.

Stacey enjoys reading a lot in addition to her passion for art and travel. She belongs to a book club that meets frequently to discuss diverse works of literature and has a collection of more than 4,000 volumes.


The love story of Henry Winkler and Stacey is a stunning illustration of the need for support and love in a happy marriage. Both separately and together, they have encountered difficulties, but they have stayed devoted to one another and their family. Henry has had Stacey’s constant support throughout his professional life, and she has had a big influence via her humanitarian efforts.

Many people find encouragement in their love story because it demonstrates that a committed union can endure the test of time. We hope Henry and Stacey will be together for many more years to come.


How did Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman meet?

They met on a blind date in 1976.

What does Stacey Weitzman do for a living?

Stacey is a former art consultant and freelance writer.

How long have Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman been married?

They have been married since May 5, 1978.

Does Stacey Weitzman have any children?

Yes, she has two children with Henry and two stepchildren from Henry’s previous marriage.

What philanthropic work is Stacey Weitzman involved in?

Stacey is a founding member of the Rape Foundation and a longtime supporter of the Alliance for Children’s Rights.

When did Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman get married?

Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman got married in 1978.

How did Stacey Weitzman support Henry Winkler’s career?

Stacey Weitzman was a constant support system for Henry Winkler and played an integral role in his success.

What organizations does Stacey Weitzman support?

Stacey Weitzman supports several organizations, including the Rape Foundation and the Alliance for Children’s Rights.

What hobbies does Stacey Weitzman have?

Stacey Weitzman has a passion for art, traveling, and books.

What is the legacy of Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman?

Henry Winkler and Stacey Weitzman’s legacy is their contribution to the entertainment industry, their philanthropic work, and their inspiring love story.

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