Jake Gyllenhaal Reacts To Taylor Swift All Too Well 10 Min Version

Perhaps the hardest thing to do in Hollywood is to be Taylor Swift ex, and Jake Gyllenhaal understands that even a little. Well, so how did they react to Taylor Swift’s 10-minute version. Should he finally address the drama, it seems like he’s never going to avoid it.

Of course, Taylor makes it very hard to forget that Jake was romantically linked to her for three months in 2010. When her album was released in 2012 and read.

Many fans started speculating that some of the songs on the album were about their breakup. According to reports at the time, Jake was the one who broke off his relationship with Taylor after just a few months.

He didn’t realize it and was struggling to form a relationship that came with so much hype. Well, Taylor definitely felt it and the result was a few songs courtesy of a short-lived romance.

While she never specifically said that she wrote the song about Jake in a 2021 interview with Rolling Stone. Taylor reflected on the album Red and called it an album of pure heartbreak. “I see this as my only true breakup album.

Every other album has a flicker of different things.” “It was an album that I wrote exclusively about pure, absolute, original heartbreak.” Jake, for his part, tried as much as he could to avoid any questions or feedback about the breakup, but fans and the tabloids weren’t going to give up on him easily.

For example in 2017, five years after the 2012 release of Raid, Jake was mad when asked in an interview with the Guardian about Taylor. The journalist specifically asked him if he was playing with a little fire by dating Taylor, given his preference for privacy and, according to the outlet, Jake got weird while answering the question.

When he started by saying “I feel like when you’re in a relationship, you’re constantly scrutinized. Your friends are scrutinized.” But then he just stared and gave an exaggerated shrug, then when asked if he had heard a song that was rumored about him saying nothing, he fell silent again and the conversation became very tense.

Then he was asked if he would like to move on and his reply was that I would prefer not to talk about my personal life. Jake probably expected that this would be the last time he would be asked about Taylor in his lyrics but he was in for a harsh shock.

When Taylor re-released the 10-minute version of the song, everything was great, and a short film spilled all the tea on their relationship. Fans were really looking forward to his response, but apparently, he did his best to ignore it. with a source even telling the news that “Jake isn’t interested in this,” the insider said. “He doesn’t read gossip or pay any attention to it.” He is living his life and focusing on himself he is ignoring all the noise.

It seemed because just a day after Red Taylor’s version was released, Jake made an appearance at the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards in Los Angeles to support his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal. was being awarded the Success Director Award for his film The Lost Daughter. In a picture taken at the ceremony, he was seen casually chatting with Maggie, and seemed like he didn’t really care about the noise.

jake also presented an award at the ceremony but he didn’t make any comments at the awards ceremony about being the trending topic. which makes sense since it really wasn’t the time nor the place. well in contrast a different source told life and style that jake is mortified that Taylor has targeted him and all too.

Well, the source added that he is such a private person and goes out of his way to avoid drama. So dragging his three-month-old part into singing and listening to people gossip is a tough pill for him to swallow. The source also added that Jake doesn’t want to inquire about someone he briefly dated 11 years ago and while he clearly thought she was over it. It seems like no one who has dated Taylor can escape their past.

Of course, the Twitterverse also came up with all kinds of theories for how Jake actually reacted, and honestly, we’re all living up to the creativity. Someone posted a hilarious photo of Jake running and wrote that Jake Gyllenhaal was also seen running for his life.

Well, a short film featuring Taylor Swift was announced. Another person captioned a photo of Jake Gyllenhaal stepping outside when Jake Gyllenhaal was caught leaving planet Earth after Taylor Swift announced a very good short film. Some users pointed out that Jake probably needed to be off the internet for a while, with one writing after posting a video of him kissing Jake and walking away.

Jake Gyllenhaal has been missing from the public eye for the rest of the year now that Red TV is out. Someone else joked about Jake’s missing Taylor’s 21st birthday. What if you were Jake Gyllenhaal and you wanted to go to heaven but god said Nah remember when you missed Taylor Swift’s 21st birthday party.

Some fans compared the next two months of Jake’s life to Pete Davidson’s when Ariana Grande released with one person posting a meme of Pete saying that Jake’s friends would probably console him, but also tell him, that the next eight months would be brutal others were expressing, relief only for not being the person who had to deal with a whole hot mess like a person who posted and wrote a picture of someone sleeping deep in the clouds. How do I sleep tonight knowing, I’m not the opposite of Jake Gyllenhaal?

Some even posted photos, saying that the rest of Taylor’s ex was probably happy, not focused on them like the one guy who is going to sleep Jonas tonight knowing that all the attention is on Jake Gyllenhaal. Those who have gone through heartbreak. Took the whole thing a green light for them because they wanted to about their own failed relationships and as one fan wrote that if Taylor Swift was all too well after dating Jake Gyllenhaal for only 3 months If I can write, I am also allowed to be as dramatic as I want.

Of course, there were also those who offered a little support such as one fan wrote on Twitter Gyllenhaal If you need a shoulder to cry on I have two. The infamous red dupatta also had to be brought up and joked on Twitter after a fan posted a picture of a man in a red dupatta. Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal are listening to a really cool version of 10 Minutes with Taylor’s red scarf.

Maggie is actually forced to address the scarf, thanks to the song I left my scarf there at your sister’s house and you still got it in your drawer.

Back in 2017 Andy Cohen gave Swifties what they wanted and asked Maggie about the scarf on What Happens Life and she replied you know I never understood that everyone told me about this scarf I asked why I’m in the dark about scarves.

OK, it’s completely possible. I don’t know, fans on Tik-Tok also posted possible reactions and one of the videos that went viral was of a Tik-Talker. who recorded part of his night at the club in the ’90s and, as Taylor, we’re never coming back, playing giant scream. Shade-thrower geese. Anyway, while many continued to make fun of the situation, some even pointed out that maybe people were going too far.

Like one person wrote I’m the only one who thinks bashing is going too far I got it but the world doesn’t need to attack him Another person said: “It was so unnecessary and nobody except Taylor Shouldn’t be business and Jake’s but the world wants to butt.” And another person also added “Oh my god the world is bullying this guy outright, I feel bad. According to fans JK has also found a way to indirectly respond to the situation you know. That Cat Fluff is the Stiltskin that fans have always guessed is Jake.

While the cat that Jake never confirmed nor denied did not name Taylor in his post, he wrote via Instagram for all of you to calm down and cyborg with a sad photo of himself. The threats need to stop. We don’t know if that was really Jake, but we’re sure there was some kind of reaction.

So how do you think Jake reacted when Taylor dropped his album in the short film “Are People Going Too Far With Dragons”. Do give your opinion in the comment box below, and this blog post entertained you a bit or say you liked it, do share it. Thanks a lot

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