Who is Doja Cat Boyfriend name Now

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Doja Cat is currently one of the most talked-about stars in pop music and society. The singer recently released her third studio album Planet Her. Which has received critical acclaim from the most respected music critics. While her musical clothes and personality have been the highlights of Doja’s fan experience. He is also very much interested in his love life. Who is Doja Cat’s boyfriend, Is she single, here’s everything about her romantic life so far.

Doja Cat boyfriend
Doja Cat boyfriend

Doja Cat had an on-again romance with boyfriend indie musician Johnny Utah, aka Johnny, aka Jacob Sullinger. The couple revealed how they met in 2019 during an Instagram Live session, which is now archived as a YouTube video. According to Distractify, Doja said that I found his music video for Honeybee, and I didn’t enjoy the song. He despises it, the music bothers him. He doesn’t enjoy music at all, Johnny explained.


However, I enjoyed the way you went. Doja continued, I’m not sure it was your underwear. Oh, I like your jeans, I said, I love you, sweetie I said after watching her YouTube video and commenting on her Instagram. Doja revealed that Johnny had left a comment on one of his Instagram postings.

Which gave rise to a chain of events. Hey girl, I just showed this picture to my little cousin and I told him we are together. Johnny reportedly wrote to Doja, now is not the time to show me a liar. He looks at me, his efforts are successful and the two start dating.


However, According to reports, the couple did not last long, Doja Cat and boyfriend Johnny Utah separated in February 2020. . During an Instagram Live session, Doja addressed the breakup. She said everything is fine, I am fine, I unfollowed my ex on Twitter and everything is fine and we are cool. There’s nothing weird going on. There’s no drama or weird things going on, things just weren’t working out, it just wasn’t working out at the moment that it is now and we just moved on.

Doja Cat and boyfriend French Montana in October 2020.

Doja Cat Boyfriend French Montana

Doja Cat and French Montana spark romance rumors. During their trip together, the couple was seen traveling on a yacht. Doja, on the other hand, immediately rubbished the rumors that she is dating the unforgettable singer. On October 1, the singer tweeted, “There’s a song coming with me and in French, so relax.”

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